Living with Vascular Dementia

Hi, I thought I would start this blog about living with someone that is diagnosed with Vascular Dementia.

The challenges and the OMG moments.

Share the tears, the highs and lows.

Just letting anyone out there that is living with this too that you are not alone.


It started with a stroke, the. Another.

Nine years later the diagnosis that no 53 year old person wants to hear.

The changes to personality was amazing, they have become another entire person.

Cranky, negative, moody, loss of memory, loss of hygiene, to loss of being able to drive.

watching it is heart wrenching, I can’t imagine what it feels like to be in this body watching it all happen. Waiting for the inevitable to happen. Just heart wrenching.

Everyday there is another turn in the disease, another stom or more lost moments then remember.


Every day there seems to be a new change to get used to.

the adjusting now needs to be fairly quick. You need to understand the change and go with it.

For instance he will talk over the top of me, he is not meaning to do it, but if he doesn’t get it out he will forget where he was going with the conversation.